Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Doña Barbara
In my opinion, it is important to preserve Los Llanos not just because of it biodiversity, but because it is a landmark and has made a cultural influence.  Los Llanos are a natural patrimony to both Columbia and Venezuela, and they should do all they can to preserve them.  The one cultural impact from Los Llanos that I believe is worth mentioning in the novel Doña Barbara.  Since the novel was written in the early 20th century, Doña Barbara became an iconic figure of Los Llanos.  The story takes place in los llanos de Apure and Arauca.  The story focuses a lot on the environment of these savannas having very detailed descriptions and themes such as the interrelation between man and the environment, man vs the environment, the triumph of nature over men,  and the enviroment and man in parallel conflicts.  In 2008 a the novel was adapted into a telenovela by Telemundo, in which the popular Mexican actress, Edith Gonzalez, played the part of Doña Barbara.  The telenovela was shot in Arauca, and so one is able to see the magnificent environment of Los Llanos.  The youtube link below is of a teaser for the telenovela, which has many shots of los Llanos de Arauca:

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