Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Future of Los Llanos

It seems that as time keeps on passing the negative human impact in Los Llanos gets worse.  This is because what is causing this negative impact are also big players in the local economy of the various regions of Los Llanos.  For example, in Arauca cattle ranching is the biggest commercial activity.  The cultural connection with cattle ranching, the perfect geographical conditions for cattle ranching, and the economic dependency on cattle ranching tells us that this will not be slowing down anytime soon.  Since the 1980's, when more oil was discovered, became an important part of the economy in Arauca.

There are a few organizations that have put in the effort to try to conserve los Llanos. One of the most prominent is FUDENA which operates in Venezuela.  They have for years pushed the government to create National Forests and wild animal reserves.  Below is a list of both of these that are present in the Venezuelan side of los Llanos.

The chart above was taken from an academic journal "La Biodiversidad en la ecorregion de los llanos de Venezuela y las prioridades para su conservacion."  Written by D. Ruiz Briceño from the  Asociación Española de Ecología Terrestre.

FUDENA's current mission is to strengthen the conservation of the biodiversity of the current National Parks and Wild Animal Reserves, and to fight for the future preservation of these areas.  It also is focusing in getting private land owners to commit to being environmentally friendly.  However, the private sector seems to not be cooperating as much as hoped.  Because of this they have recently been heavily focused in giving people of Los Llanos an environmental education so that they can be conscious of their affects on their region, and so that may think of ways of being more sustainable.  Thanks to organizations like FUDENA , the future for Los Llanos does not seem that grim.  There is hope for change, and I hope that in the future more of the private sector can support FUDENA's cause. 

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